Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission
& Values

  • To support a diverse range of artists’ practice, providing affordable studio facilities and resources for artists
  • To be a centre of artistic activity, bringing together professional artists and the public in a setting that encourages creativity, collaboration and exchange
  • To present an outstanding, integrated programme of curated exhibitions, public events and learning activities
  • To be an inclusive organisation delivering its activities from an accessible, sustainable and fit for purpose building.

Phoenix Art Space’s core mission is to create the conditions through which art can flourish. We provide a setting where professional artists and the wider public can create, learn and collaborate. Through an integrated programme of exhibitions, events and learning activity we offer all participants a direct and meaningful experience of the arts. We believe the process of creating is as important and valid as the end product, and this principle guides the way we deliver our business plan. 


With its unique history and responsiveness to the ideas and needs of practicing artists, Phoenix Art Space is characterized by a flexibility and independence of vision which allows us to function both within and beyond the parameters of the arts mainstream. We are guided by a common interest in investigating the creative process in its many permutations, and placing this into a wider critical context. Our audience’s encounter with art is enhanced by a range of measures which deepen and enrich their experience and facilitate engagement. Both artists and audience participate in the vital and vibrant life of the imagination and connect with a wider creative community when they enter the building. 

Key Documents

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity Policy

Generous Collaboration Principles

Privacy and Data Protection Statement

Privacy and Data Protection Statement – Large Print

Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy

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