Q&A with Hattie Malcomson

October 12, 2021
11:06 am
Kitty Bew

From 9 October – 7 November studio artist Hattie Malcomson presents I’m Like Other Girls in the Window Gallery at Phoenix Art Space. Concepts of beauty and the history of women in art are some of the subjects of her practice. Hattie was the recipient of the 2020-21 Cass Art x Phoenix Art Space Studio Award, and has enjoyed a year of free studio space at Phoenix Art Space.

Find out more about Hattie below.

You were the 2020-21 winner of the Cass Art / Phoenix Art Space Studio Award. How have you found having a studio in the building?  

HM: It’s been amazing! I’ve had the best year and it’s been so great to have such a good space to work in and develop my practice. It’s also been great to have somewhere to go to outside of the house when we were in lockdown and focus on the work.

Are there any positive experiences or achievements that you have enjoyed since graduating in 2020?
HM: I had a solo exhibition at New Art Projects in London in April-June which was amazing! So that’s what I spent a lot of time working on, and since then I have been working on my current show in the Window Gallery.

Tell us a little about the work that you’re showing in the Window Gallery.
HM: My practice presents strong female characters with almost grotesque faces and confident poses. Over the past few months, the work has sort of naturally been focusing on the theme of beauty. The characters are often in acts of upkeep, such as squeezing a spot or shaving their pubes. I want to show a real and human representation of women but through these strange, sometimes alluring yet grotesque characters. I’m interested in evoking attraction as well as repulsion in the viewer and challenging some viewers, particularly those who may be shocked by my work. I want my paintings to confront and challenge patriarchal society and the ways women have been portrayed throughout art history through the male gaze.

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