New Tutor: Saj Fareed

April 12, 2022
3:39 pm
Kitty Bew

This term we welcome Saj Fareed to our team of tutors here at Phoenix Art Space. Saj is a British-Asian slow artist and artist educator, who takes inspiration from her desire to live at a slower pace and the importance of creative self care for our wellbeing. Her creative process is very much led by a mindful-based approach to help us to learn to pause from our everyday lives.

Saj’s upcoming courses take inspiration from South Asian arts and crafts and a mindful approach to crafting, click below to find out more about her courses. 

Mandala Dot Art
Monday 25 April, 10.30 – 13.00, £35
We will be focusing on mandala dot art, using colourful dots and strokes of paint. You will experiment and try different patterns and colours to create an exquisite piece of wall art.
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Woven Raffia Changair
9 – 23 May, Mondays 10.30 – 13.00, £65
Changair is a South Asian traditional household handicraft, used for serving hot chapattis. Create your very own changair inspired serving plate using a woven raffia technique.
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Hazara Embroidery
13 – 27 June, Mondays 10.30 – 13.00, £65
This beautiful embroidery technique uses fine lines of stitching in vibrant coloured threads to create a variety of geometric shapes. Create your own Hazara embroidery-inspired design for a tote bag.
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