Family Workshops with Undercurrents

February 17, 2022
3:26 pm
Kitty Bew

As part of the Undercurrents exhibition in the Main Gallery, we programmed two family workshops for our local audience. These workshops were led by artists Louise McCurdy and Steve Geliot and were inspired by the themes of the exhibition. They are a great opportunity for families to have fun and explore different materials together.

Louise showed us how to make homes for bugs and insects in the recycled tin cans. They used a variety of natural materials such as bamboo, bark, sticks and leaves. They also looked at real bugs in bug magnifying boxes.

Steve invited families to experiment with magnetic materials and patterns in a playful science lab. They simulated starling flocks, and the fabulous shapes and patterns they make in the air by using magnets, iron filings, light boxes, projectors and various other materials.

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