Textile and Mixed Media Sculpture

Dagmara Rudkin

Transform your salvaged family heirloom textiles and loved but longer needed objects into semi-abstract sculptures, mythical 3D characters, memory boxes or mixed media wall hanging.

This two day course will show you how to exploit the narrative potential and emotional value of things you cannot bear to throw away and use them instead to create a work of beauty, comfort or magic. We will use a wide range of inspirations from the sculptures of Louise Bourgeoise, Meret Oppenheim and Joseph Cornell boxes to medieval reliquaries, Guatemalan worry dolls and shamanic masks.

This course is suitable for all levels including beginners.

Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

You will be supplied with all the basic tools and materials. The tutor will show you how to use wire, stitching, plaster and clay modelling, textile embellishment methods and soft sculpture techniques to connect and transform materials and objects.

Dagmara Rudkin is a Phoenix-based Polish-British fine artist who creates paintings, drawings, collages and 3D mixed media work using predominantly discarded materials and objects to re-tell stories of real and imagined people, places and their relationships. For the last 20 years she produced personal and collaborative projects with poets, theatre and filmmakers, worked as an artist in residence and held exhibitions in the South East. Dagmara holds a Joint Hons degree in Painting and Glass, MA in Sequential Design an Illustration and PGCSE in A&D. Dagmara currently works as a visiting lecturer on MA courses in Poland and the UK, artist educator at Hastings Contemporary and a Course Leader for Part Time Foundation Art and Design at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College. Together with a photographer and film maker, Wendy Pye, she also offers Community & Wellbeing Arts Projects and Workshops through their Art organisation, Luna Arts.

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