Sand Casting with Silver

Anna Watson

Sand casting is a process that has been used for millennia to produce metal jewellery and components. You will heat silver until it becomes liquid, and pour it into the cavity created between two layers of sand.

You will learn how to create a mould in sand using found objects such as buttons or twigs and then how to melt and pour scrap silver to make a cast copy.

Please note that this is not a purpose built jewellery workshop but a great supportive environment for exploration and experimentation.

This course is suitable for all levels

Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

15 grams of silver will be provided for the project, extra silver can be purchased if required. Pewter is provided for practice.

Anna has been an artist, designer and maker for many years, she achieved a First Class degree in 3D Design Materials Practice at the University of Brighton where she specialised in woodwork and metal. For the past eight years she has worked in the jewellery industry for commercial designers as well as local artisan jewellers. Anna has her own jewellery business where she creates jewellery ranges and works to commission. Her work has been exhibited at New Designers in London, Portal in South Wales and she has supplied her work wholesale to London Design Museum and at a selection of high end galleries in Scotland and the UK. Anna is continually developing designs and enjoys pushing the boundaries of jewellery and making. In 2018 she did a residency in Athens where she exhibited her work and in 2019 she participated in an exhibition in Munich as part of Munich Jewellery Week. Anna particularly enjoys teaching and encouraging students to develop designs and ideas.

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