Pen and Wash

Zara Slattery

During this course Zara will guide students through a range of exercises and diverse subject matter to explore what this medium has to offer. Pen and wash brings together drawing and painting in such a satisfying way that can allow all students to produce effective results, (think of the work of Quentin Blake as an example). You will learn traditional and experimental techniques and explore application, line, colour and materials. Zara will provide reference images and still life set ups for students to work from. This course aims to give a good foundation in the subject, to cater to individual strengths and to enrich student portfolios. Throughout the sessions students will be encouraged to talk about their work and share points of reference and inspiration.

Students will cover the following methods/techniques: flow and dilute; line; wet on dry; wet on wet; mark-making; brush work; spontaneous line; tone; abstract application; strong blends and composition.

This course is suitable for all levels.

Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

Most materials including watercolour paints, brushes, paper, drawing pens and pencils are provided but students are welcome to bring drawing mediums of their choice.

Zara Slattery is an illustrator and comic artist and author of the award-winning graphic memoir, Coma. She has a BA Visual Communication from Edinburgh College of Art and an MA in Communication Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. Working from her garden studio, Zara’s client list includes national magazines, publicly funded bodies, gaming and TV production companies. She has run adult art education courses and workshops locally, nationally and internationally for over ten years.

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