Explore Your Creativity Through Assemblage

Steve Howkins

This one day course will provide you with an opportunity to explore your creativity using found or collected objects and materials, and the relationship(s) between them. You will be introduced to the concept of ‘Assemblage’ as an art movement in which you can participate, as well as a method of making art for yourself.

Support and assistance will be given in the making of aesthetic decisions regarding the creative process, as well as in the practical skills required to construct small-scale sculptures and objects from a variety of recycled and raw materials.

Teaching and learning methods will include visual demonstration and verbal explanation, one to one teaching, group discussions, hands-on guided practical activities, reference to handouts and visual materials.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Had a chance to explore and learn about Assemblage art
  • Participated in a session alongside other learners
  • Produced your own sculpture or series of sculptures
  • Enjoyed yourself!

This course is suitable for all levels from beginners to intermediate.

Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

Some materials and sculpture based equipment will be provided but students will need to bring a selection of objects to work with, for example:

Clean recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic containers, plywood and hardboard off-cuts, discarded timber off-cuts, unusual objects, packaging; toys; ‘flotsam and jetsom’ from the beach and any other natural or found objects which have no practical use but which have caught your eye because of their colour, texture, shape, decoration, associations etc. Some of it may be found in skips!

For any advice or help with finding these materials please get in touch with Phoenix staff who pass on your message to the tutor.

Having gained a B.A., (Hons) degree in Sculpture at Saint Martins School of Art Steve Howkins subsequently trained as an Art Therapist at Goldsmiths University. He has over 15 years experience of delivering individual and group-based art therapy sessions with a diverse range of client groups within the NHS, as well as leading Staff Training Sessions and Workshops focused on teambuilding and understanding group dynamics.

He also has 20 years’ experience of designing and constructing gardens and renovating properties, and has undertaken numerous commissions as a mosaicist, specialising in Gaudi-style garden benches, and working with local schools facilitating workshops with children and young people throughout East Sussex including Brighton & Hove.

Steve’s interest in the intersection of form and function also saw him develop an interest in restoring Bauhaus and industrial-style furniture and lighting. More recently he has focused on assemblage as a means of returning to his interest in Sculpture, while also becoming a seasoned sea swimmer and yogi!

He is based in Brighton, and works from his studio at Phoenix Art Space, where he exhibits as part of the Open Studios event while also participating in Brighton Open House Festivals.

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