This winter the Main Gallery at Phoenix Art Space will be used for a residency programme, offering five artists the opportunity to use the space for the research and development of new work. It will provide artists with the time and space to experiment with new concepts and materials, and encourage the exchange of ideas between one another. Work in progress will be displayed during an Open Day at which audiences have an opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work.

Open Day: Friday 16 February, 11.00 – 17.00
Please note: The Main Gallery will be closed to visitors outside of the Open Day.


Alex Underhill
Alex explores the language of painting and poetry, experimenting with the worlds of contemporary sculpture, photography, and soundscapes. By combining these mediums, they aim to blur the boundaries between the artwork and the audience, altering the traditional engagement with their creations.

James Critchlow
James is an artist oscillating between photography, sculpture, and computation. He explores the place of the photograph in a technologically advancing world; questioning its changing role and purpose.

Liz Schwarz & Shirley Archibald
During their residency, artists Liz and Shirley will devote their time to investigating the crossovers in their practices. Exploring painting, installation, assemblage, conversation and performance, their collective methods of working involve foraging for ingredients in the form of household items and street objects and playing with these materials.
@shirleyarchibaldart / @schwarzfineart

Tee Chandler
Tee makes work that explores themes such as motherhood, surviving domestic and street violence, as well as sexuality, gender, protest and more recently, the environment. Their practice is based on photography, uses alternative and vegan practices such as lumens, anthotypes, cyanotypes, plant-based toners, scanning, personal archives, projection, bioplastics, found man-made and natural elements.