Plant Room is the end of residency show from visual artists Megan Hack & Lydia Stonehouse. Taking on multiple meanings in relation to their practices, ‘Plant Room’ sees the coming together of their work to reflect on systems found in nature, processes and rituals when working with materials, and the mind-body connection in everyday sensory experiences.

Megan Hack works directly with nature – foraging plants, clay and other organic matter to create natural dyes & pigments. Collecting these materials throughout the seasons, she marks time and the cycles of nature in the colours that can be made at various points in the year. This way of working – collecting botanical ephemera from walks in the landscape and bringing them back to an alchemical-like studio encourages a visual mapping and recording of nature’s change and flux.

Lydia Stonehouse visualises the inner workings and functions of the body in relation to sensory experiences found in the everyday. Her curiosity in the interconnectedness of the psychological and physiological, leads her to paint in a way that follows intuition and physical processes. Layering and embedding figures within more abstracted forms and colours, Stonehouse echoes the layering of sensory stimuli such as sound, heat and light in recalled moments of heightened bodily awareness. She sees the sensory receptors of the body as a sort of plant room for experience, envisaging the connections and feedback loops that are in constant motion between the body and external world.

Join us for the opening on Friday 29 September, 6pm – 8pm.