For his exhibition in the Window Gallery, Hugh Fox presents photographs from two bodies of work. 


Project One – Observational Works
My roots are in street and documentary photography. I really enjoy being able to work in less constrained and more intuitive way, seeking out the quirks and finding beauty in completely banal, ordinary moments – Using photography as a tool to help make sense of our nonsensical world.

Project Two – Always and Never at Home

The title of this project comes from the idea that you can be in one place and simultaneously somewhere else. The separation of the physical and the mental, internal and external worlds.

The work is about our relationships with these spaces, in particular the inner space we retreat into when in public spaces, our safe place – in particular virtual spaces like that of a smart phone, it’s about capturing something that resonates but also feels poignant, as the lines between physical and virtual become ever more blurred.

Join us for the opening of this exhibition on Friday 21 July, 6pm – 8pm.