Denise’s current body of work explores memory, loss and place using the rituals of the Seven Sacraments that marked the milestones of her family’s life-events and gatherings. These memories are then re-imagined with the additional knowledge that is acquired. This work is about exploring the loss of her mother to head and neck cancer. Each of the seven sacraments has a narrative, a memory. When exploring old photos and family memories, her relationship to these images change according to life experience, what was once a fleeting memory suddenly becomes a treasured and precious embrace that can now only be experienced in her thoughts and on her canvas.

Denise has a BA Painting (Edinburgh and Brighton) and MA in Painting from Wimbledon (UAL). Her work is held in the Shell Heritage Art Collection and Palace House in Beaulieu as well as private collections around Europe. She is the commissioned author of the book ‘If You’re Bored with Acrylics. Read This Book’.

Join us for the opening of this exhibition on Friday 1 September, 6pm – 8pm.