With social distancing, our abilities and means of ‘keeping in touch’ have never been less tactile. Now more than ever, we are removed from real life and left displaced into the numbed experience of LED screens. The internet and its moreishness leave us addicted and insatiable. The information superhighway is fantastic but everyone is miserable. We live in a technological Utopia, yet we are nostalgic and yearn for the simplicity of pure connection.

The screen is so cold and angular… If only the internet could give us a soft warm hug. If only our phones loved us for more than just our data, likes added up to love and real happiness was as convenient as Amazon, Instagram and Deliveroo. Sadly, the internet is just another guy stringing us along, not really giving a f**k. This show explores how childhood dreams of technological Utopia have manifested into more of an Ewwwtopia for the Motion Sickness gals.

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About Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness is an art collective based in Cambridge, UK, and Leipzig, Germany. Formed in 2018, the collective is made up of Denise Kehoe, Eleanor Breeze and Arabella Hilfiker. Their name derives from the term describing a condition of the brain receiving signals that differ from those which the eyes are seeing. This perceptive disparity is a metaphor for the disparity that millennials often encounter when comparing where they believe they should be in their lives, with where they are in reality. They have exhibited internationally, including shows in London, Tokyo, Leipzig, Tallinn and Dublin. As a collective, they have exhibited at the Archive and the Contested landscape exhibition as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and have had a solo show Motion Sickness at STOCK gallery Manchester. The latter was featured in World of Fad and the Double Negative. Together they run Motion Sickness Project Space, a contemporary arts space in Cambridge.
Brighton based artist Micheál O’Connell (aka Mocksim) interviewed Motion Sickness for their exhibition Unrequited Like at DODO. Read it here.

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