Sophie is an abstract painter who creates atmospheric paintings that capture the
essence of place. Working from her studio at Phoenix Art Space, the sea is her
backdrop; an ever changing environment which she explores through her fluid and
experimental style of painting. Her paintings are a spontaneous and sensual reaction to the
landscape or sea, with a joyous and strong use of colour and areas of expressive mark


Memories of dazzling landscapes are sources of reference: seascapes, sunsets, forests and
more recently local woodland where she has been painting en plein air during lockdown.
Sophie’s new paintings have been exploring these places closer to home and are focused on
the changing seasons in the beautiful countryside of the South downs or invigorating sea


Swimming in the sea year round has played into Sophie’s new paintings as she explores the deep feeling of being immersed in the water, escaping the everyday to a place that’s simply

visceral. This body of work is a reaction to that place, through form and colour, with the senses distorted and the beauty surrounding.

To find out more about Sophie, watch a studio visit with her below.
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