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Shrine Share



As part of Phoenix Open Studios 2024, Brighton based artist David Blandy is hosting a British Council funded exhibition in his studio, featuring six UK and ten Malaysian artists. 

ShrineShareCurated by artist David Blandy @david_blandy_ and Malaysian based artist Sharon Chin @studio_chincarok and writer Zedeck Siew @zedicksiewPart of the British Council’s Connections Through Culture programme. @my_british & @britisharts

The exhibition is a British Council-funded collection of drawn works by six UK and ten Malaysian artists around the idea of what a Shrine might mean today, from an arcade cabinet to a lonely rock cairn to a collection of talismanic artefacts from the artist’s studio. ShrineShare is a collaborative new project working with artists to share their visions of sacred shrines—be they ancient, personal, or imagined. 
The artists exhibiting are: Amze Emmons, Arif Rafhan, Bethany Balan, Betti Stong, David Blandy, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Daniel Locke, Hardeep Pandhal, Jamie Oon Muxian, Jesse Joy, John Powell-Jones, Nadhir Nor, Petra Szemán, Ruangtup Kaeokamechun, Rupa Subramaniam & Shaifuddin Mamat @ Poodien
David Blandy is a Brighton based artist, his projects involve complex installations, performance, writing, gaming and sound. He is represented by Seventeen Gallery, London. Sharon Chin is an internationally renowned artist, curator, and activist based in Malaysia; her work is in the permanent collections of Singapore Art Museum and Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). Zedeck Siew is a journalist, essayist, editor, and game designer. He writes short fiction in English and translates from Malay. With artist Sharon Chin he co-created Creatures of Near Kingdoms, a visual guide to imaginary Malaysian flora and fauna. 
The British Council has announced its ongoing support for arts projects in Malaysia through the Connections Through Culture grants programme. The programme, spans nine countries, supporting 76 projects worldwide. In Malaysia, A total of 9 new arts collaborations have been selected in 2023.
Preview Evening: Friday 10 May, 6pm – 8.30pm
Saturday 11 May – Sunday 12 May, 11am – 5pm

Venue: David Blandy’s Studio 1C3 (First floor, turn left), Phoenix Art Space