White Room

Queering: Art & Play Workshop



Queering in many forms is unteachable, and so this workshop will not be about teaching but unlearning. Everyone has their own way of executing their own queerness and being in relation to art, ‘Queering – Art and Play’ aims to provide attendees with an opportunity to reassess the relationship between their own creativity, play and queerness.

In this workshop, attendees will be presented with the basic building blocks of queer theory. The attendees will then have a ‘brief of play’, working in groups they will have the opportunity to play and experiment through the creation of imaginary situations without judgement or limitation (within safety reasoning). ‘Queering – Art and Play’ aims to be an inclusive neurodiverse and queer safe space. Providing creatives with new possibilities for tapping into their own creativity.

Hosted by Winter Studio Residency artist Alex Underhill. Alex explores the language of painting and poetry, experimenting with the worlds of contemporary sculpture, photography, and soundscapes. By combining these mediums, they aim to blur the boundaries between the artwork and the audience, altering the traditional engagement with their creations.

Thursday 8 February, 3pm – 5pm
Free, booking required
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