Project Space

Project Space: Wish You Were Here



Cane Yo will be putting on a week-long exhibition in the Project Space of Phoenix Art Space 1 – 6 August, with a private view on the 1st from 18:00-21:00. Cane Yo is, in short, an international artist collective. In long, it is a rhizomatic, ever-growing organism comprising artists from around the world who use digital technology to form community, share learning, and push the boundaries of figurative painting in the digital age. In reality, you could ask any of the artists what Cane Yo is and receive wildly different responses. It’s a forum, a chat room, a community, a space for sharing reference photos, a family, and much, much more.

The ‘Wish You Were Here’ show at the Phoenix will show a selection of works by Cane Yo artists mostly based in the UK. This is a special opportunity for the Cane Yo, as Phoenix was in many ways the birthplace of the collective. Studio 3N6 functioned as a sort of digital control centre for the group in its infancy, before it grew into the unruly Gordian knot it is today.

If you’re still unclear, come down to the private view to meet the artists, talk about their works, and likely leave even more confused. Wish you were here x

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