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Project Space: Misfolding



‘Misfolding’ is a commissioned series of five audio-visual works that draw inspiration from scientific research to explore the biology behind Alzheimer’s disease. The pieces will be played in the Project Space at the Phoenix Art Space from Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd April 2023. There will be two BSL interpreted live performances at 2:30 and 3:30 pm on Saturday April 22nd, please click here to book.

The project is a collaboration between artists, researchers and faculty from the University of Sussex and the award-winning music-theatre ensemble Electric Voice Theatre. The works seek to creatively communicate the highly complex biological processes that underpin Alzheimer’s disease. Importantly, notes of hope are incorporated to reflect the scientific progress made, and a sense of positivity for the future.

In 2021, members of a research group studying the biological mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s disease in the School of Life Sciences met with artists from the School of Media, Arts and Humanities and musicians from Electric Voice Theatre to participate in a workshop where elements of the science were explained, discussed and interpreted. The result is a collection of thought-provoking pieces that simultaneously inform and educate, but also challenge our perception of dementia in imaginative, abstract and often moving ways.

Age suitability 14+. The combined length of the five works is approximately 30 minutes. Seating will be available.

About Electric Voice Theatre

An award-winning contemporary music-theatre acappella ensemble, commissioning, creating, researching and performing vocal music by women composers for theatrical performance, participating in creative multi-disciplinary collaborations, and delivering workshops connecting children and adults to their local creative and cultural environment.

To find out more about our work with the women in science and music featured in our projects, please visit

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