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Project Space: Metamorphoses



The upcoming exhibition “Metamorphoses” at Phoenix Art Space brings together three Brighton-based artists working at the intersection of sustainability, abstraction, technology and nature. The exhibition is a fresh and investigative inquiry into sustainable art, repurposing, reimagining and resourcing.

In the context of increasing global instability and uncertainty, the exhibition explores the process of metamorphosis and the liminal space of transition through themes of nature, bodies, technology, climate crisis, chance, and control. The artworks are united by a fluid, experimental and spontaneous making process that repurposes and transforms source materials into new sculptural and 2D artworks, from debris transported by the sea and redundant technological equipment to paintings reconfigured as sculpture.

Opening night: November 3, 6pm – 8pm. Free for everyone to attend.
Generous sponsorship is provided by Pen to Paper of Brighton.

About the Artists:

Lila Wordsworth is a self-taught artist whose artwork focuses on the relationship between nature, technology and human-shaped beings through the lens of marine life, littoral plants and waste from Brighton Beach. Her work consists of narrative quilts, cyanotype prints, drawings and sculptures and has featured in international exhibitions and UK collections. She lives and swims in Brighton. @lilawordsworthart

Louise Ward Morris is a visual artist working with new media sculptures, assemblages and videos to question the ever-intensifying connection between people and technology. She is a 2023 Gilbert Bayes Award winner with the Royal Society of Sculptors and has an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally. @l.ward.morris

Clara Fantoni is a Brighton-based artist working at the intersection of installation, sculpture and painting. Clara’s work explores material processes, intuitive mark-making, the subconscious, sensorial and the dichotomy between chance and control. Clara graduated from the MA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins with Distinction and was awarded the 2021 Cass Art Prize. She has exhibited in Shanghai, Manchester, Barcelona and at the Saatchi Gallery. @clarafantoniart

For more information please contact Lila Wordsworth / 07815 584 184 / @lilawordsworthart

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