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Project Space: Like No Other



Paper artist Owen Gildersleeve and masters of screen-printing Harvey Lloyd Screens have teamed up to create ‘Like No Other’; an exhibition showcasing an array of uplifting and one-of-a-kind artworks that celebrate hand-crafted individuality, the beauty in imperfection and the magic of collaboration. This distinctive body of work will be on display at Phoenix Art Space in from March 22 – April 9 2023, with the Private View from 18.00 on March 23. Click here to book attendance to the Private View.

This collaboration is a unique coming together of handcrafted techniques, and combines mono-screen prints – inks hand painted directly onto the screen creating endlessly unique results – with hand cut paper designs, created by Owen in his signature graphic style. The designs celebrate light, colour, space and form, exploring themes of beauty in individuality, wonder in the everyday and finding perfection in imperfection.

The spark of ‘Like No Other’ originated during the COVID lockdowns of 2020, where Owen suddenly found himself faced with the freedom to experiment with different approaches to his work. This included creating watercolour washes, exploring gradients and in turn, combining these with his hand-crafted paper artworks. This opportunity of exploration led to Owen reaching out to Harvey Lloyd to collaborate on a one-off piece, who in turn took the idea and evolved it into something completely new, creating an array of wonderful test prints and experiments inspired by Owen’s initial concept. Through this creative ‘call and response’, Harvey Lloyd helped grow this seed of an idea into an amazing array of printed possibilities.

The exhibition tells a story of human connection and collaboration, stepping out of one’s comfort zone with the exchange of techniques and ideas, and the freedom that comes with embracing unexpected results. Owen’s papercut elements are created using the very same paper stock as the monoprints they interact with, bringing the two together in unison, as well as providing a natural colour limitation to the paper cut elements in nice contrast with the vibrance of the prints.

The show will be a take over of the gallery’s Project Space room, featuring over 50 completely one-of-a-kind original pieces of artwork, guiding viewers through the collaboration and its themes, from the small details to large scale immersive interpretations.

The artwork will be available to buy, with a proportion of sales going to Arts Emergency, a charity who help support young people from low income families and aim to break down the barriers to entry in the arts and humanities.

About Owen Gildersleeve

Owen is a multi-award winning artist specialising in handcrafted illustration, set design and art direction. His unique style brings graphic designs to life, through carefully hand-cut layers and a playful use of light and shadow. His practice ranges from intricate paper illustrations and animations, to large-scale sets, window displays and installations and over the years he has teamed up with an array of international clients including Apple, LUSH Cosmetics, Penguin Books and NASA to name but a few.


About Harvey Lloyd Screens

Established in 1976 and situated at the same East Sussex site for those 47 years, the studio are experts in their field, having teamed up with an array of top artists including Peter Blake, Gerhard Richter, Anthony Burrill, Mr Bingo, Orla Kiely, Seb Lester and Mr Doodle to name but a few.


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