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Project Space: Entangle



A solo exhibition from Nina Garstang. To be entangled may be emotional, philosophical or physical in a complicated or compromising relationship or situation. From the depths of the seabed to the light glimmering on the surface, from the molecular to the hyperobject and from the symmetry of forms found everywhere from our innermost bodily workings to the outer universe. From the literal entanglement of sea creatures in discarded plastic waste and fishing nets to the emotional entanglement of our part in the rise of global temperatures and our philosophical responsibility to the threatened ecosystems. Nina explores these aspects through painting, cyanotype prints, sculptural elements and video.

Garstang studied her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art where she received the Stanley Smith Scholarship. She paints in her studio in Brighton, swims, records light in water and collects sea treasure washed ashore after storms.

Open 4 – 19 May.
Join us for the extended opening on Saturday 4 May, 6pm – 8pm. Free, everyone welcome
Part of the Brighton Fringe Festival & Phoenix Open Studios

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