Project Space

Project Space: Dog Fight



Dog Fight Art Collective is a collection of multimedia Brighton based artists. The collective’s artists use figuration, surrealism and colour to create narrative based artworks that explore themes of inner conflict, identity, relationships and perception. Executing this by creating a balance of playfulness and the macabre within their work.

The members of the Dog Fight Art Collective approach these themes by branching through a variety of mediums and styles, stretching from maximalist to minimalist pieces via illustration, sculpture, painting and digital art. The collection itself being the works of Ellie Davies, Milo Simpson-Jones, Isobel Craggs Alferoff, Molly Elkins and Mya Hall.

By exhibiting this work the collective aims to create an experience that captures the public’s interest for the bizarre and to showcase how a variety of artistic practices can encompass an overarching theme.


Accompanying image: ‘Fetch’ by Ellie Davies 2024

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