Project Space

Project Space: Between The Surface



Between The Surface is a group exhibition featuring the work of three MAFA artists, Shirley Archibald, Beccy Bloomfield and Sam Pattman. Three different practices, with individual approaches, the similarities in their line of enquiry have become increasingly apparent.
Through tactile methods such as direct printing and rubbing, with the help of the elements, Beccy Bloomfield has been developing her own visual language to investigate the place ‘between the surface.’ She describes her work as ‘visualisation of another sense’ and aims to provide the viewer with a platform for their own interpretation

Disrupting the surface and experimenting with the canvas as a raw material Shirley Archibald’s current work takes a playful approach whilst exploring physical, metaphorical and negative space. She is interested in the stories we tell about ourselves as women, that come from literature/myths and real life events and with her own personal language presents a behind-the scenes look at non patriarchal issues.

In recent paintings Sam Pattman, by use of textured and weathered surfaces, strives to embody nebulous spirituality and suggest the fragility of existence.

Visit the exhibition between 14 – 18 December in the Project Space.

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