Phoenix Art Space are delighted to be welcoming back Miranda Forrester and Emily Moore in February 2021 as they takeover our Window Gallery.

Miranda and Emily – after graduating from the University of Brighton – were awarded a studio at Phoenix Art Space for a year, sponsored by Cass Art. We have invited them back to exhibit works completed during their studio residency in 2019-20. The selection of work on display explores themes of identity, liminality, and physical space.

In line with government guidance Phoenix Art Space is currently closed to the public. This exhibition will instead be visible from the outside of the building, both during the day and night. Take a walk by Phoenix Art Space and enjoy the view safely from the street.

Some of the work in the show is also for sale. Browse our Shop.
Read a review of the exhibition from artist Geoff Hands here.


Miranda Forrester is a figurative painter. Since graduating with a BA in Fine Art Painting, her work has been featured in several exhibitions at galleries and museums such as the Saatchi Gallery, Mall Galleries and Christie’s Education. Miranda Forrester’s practice explores the queer black female gaze in painting – addressing the invisibility of women of colour in the dominant western history of art. She has been investigating how her paintings can rearticulate the language and history of life drawing through a queer black feminist desiring lens, and in doing so, depict what the male gaze cannot see. Exploring the significance of domestic environments for queer people, Forrester’s paintings capture intimate, insular moments of warmth and tenderness. The work altogether is a celebration of women’s bodies, the joy in occupying feminine identities and being in relation with one another.

Emily Moore works primarily as an animator and illustrator. Since graduating with a BA in Illustration she has produced a wide range of illustration and animation work, alongside further developing her skills in moving image. Emily’s work strives to capture a sense of the unknown – focusing on the space between the real world and our imaginations. Produced in response to a year trapped indoors, this body of work acts as a form of personal escapism. Deeply influenced by film, Emily’s work looks to create atmosphere; presenting an ethereal, otherworldly experience for the viewer. In response to a socially distanced exhibition space, the work is displayed through a series of animation stills, developmental drawings and paintings.

Find out more about Miranda & Emily – read our Q&A.





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