The ‘Milky tears run in threes’ project captures the five-year period from 2019-2024, during which time the artist undergoes a profound transformation marked by matrescence – (‘The physical, psychological and emotional changes you go through after the birth of your child’, author Lucy Jones describes)

This journey unfolds within the framework of a self-initiated Artist Residency in Motherhood, against the backdrop of migration between the UK and Poland, navigating the complexities of cultural and societal differences.

Living in the times where women continually battle for autonomy over their bodies, the artist’s experiences are further shaped by active participation in movements like #CzarnyProtest (Black Protest) and #StrajkKobiet (Women’s Strike) in Poland. These movements represent a powerful collective voice against restrictive government policies and the societal devaluation of women’s rights. By engaging in these protests, the artist contributes to the broader struggle for gender equality and reproductive justice, weaving personal transformation into the fabric of social activism and maternal identity.

“Each time to take from the state in which one finds oneself…often, in situations of discomfort, something surprising emerges; for example, if you have a cold, let the snot drop.”
– Maria and Jan Peszek, “Nak*rwiam Zen”

About Marcelina
Marcelina Amelia (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist born in Częstochowa, Poland. Her diverse approach to artistic expression allows her to explore a wide range of themes, including her Polish heritage, migration, feminism, motherhood, religious iconography, mental health, folk tales, childhood memories, dreams, sexuality, and the complexities of the human experience.

In recent years, amidst her personal journey, Marcelina has responded to Poland’s tough political climate. As women continued their daily fight for body freedom, a strong need emerged—to create a haven for free expression, empathy, and joy. Out of this, the feminist collective Grupa Łono emerged, together with fellow artist Marta Borkowska addressing societal challenges fuelled by both broader context and personal experiences.

In her works, she plays with the tension between desire and innocence, creating an aesthetic unease that is difficult to define. Marcelina’s recent projects delve into femininity, feminism, spirituality, and motherhood in times of pandemic isolation. Inspired by the healing power of sharing stories, Marcelina draws strength from collective women’s experiences. Whether through conversations or in intimate ‘women’s circles,’ diverse women find unity at a shared table, discovering an invisible thread that binds them. Expressing their stories holds a magical, transformative power.

About Grupa Łono page:
Grupa Łono is a collective founded on the initiative of two artists Marcelina Amelia and Marta Borkowska who were connected by a dream. ‘Living in times where women have to fight for freedom to their bodies every day, we felt the need to create an antidote, a place for free and free expression, compassion and fun.’

The group works in the field of visual arts and community activities, the artists are focused on research threads around the female body, emotional blockages, connection with nature, its cycles and the relationships we create with each other. In their activities, they move with great sensitivity, not remaining indifferent to the events and changes that are happening around them.