Laura Morgan was the Studio Award holder at Phoenix Arts Space through 2023 and continues to work in Sussex. Laura’s work is an authentic, courageous journey into her experience of being alive. She describes the works in “Unwelcome Guests as “a part of who I am. Ever present, sometimes quiet sometimes bringing me to the point of extinction”.

She quotes the artist Eva Hesse, a long-time heroine of hers, who said “The only art is the art of the artist personally. My interest is in finding solely my own way”. Laura adds “through this exhibition I hope to meet and possibly inspire others on a similar journey.”

Laura’s practice covers many different mediums: paint, sculpture, mixed media, video, photography, performance, sound and installation. For Unwelcome Guests a key medium are supermarket XL tights. Tights that start limp and small and have the capacity to become swollen and tight, torn, suspended, manipulated, malleable, moved into differing forms dependent on what hand leads them, what they lean on, drape across. Fragile and amenable. An item often used to cover up or keep us warm. A fashion to allow a woman to show her legs whilst keeping her ‘modesty’ intact.

Open 2 – 24 March. Join us for the exhibition opening Friday 1 March, 6pm – 8pm.

Photographs taken by William Morgan