An exhibition of recent paintings by Julian Vilarrubi of the view from Studio 4S0 at Phoenix Art Space.

This exhibition explores the idea of how a single view from a particular vantage point might be changing from one moment to the next in response to the time of day and the weather conditions. When working from a view the painter must consider how long might the actual moment last and can that moment ever be long enough to be depicted, caught, trapped and contained within the paint or is the final painting many moments joined together in the timeline of its making? If that is the case then what has the painting actually depicted?

The paintings focus the eye on St. Peter’s, a Grade II pre-Victorian Gothic Revival church that sits majestically across the road from studio 4S0 in the Phoenix Art Space building. Working on site directly in view of the motif Julian Vilarrubi responds to these questions by reacting to the shifting lights, grappling with the paint whilst conscious of the ticking of the clock and the moment slipping away in his attempts to record faithfully what is seen at any of the chosen moments.

In line with government guidance Phoenix Art Space is currently closed to the public. This exhibition will instead be visible from the outside of the building, both during the day and night. Take a walk by Phoenix Art Space and enjoy the view safely from the street. You can also watch a video walkthrough below.


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