A row of terraced houses used to stand where Phoenix Art Space is now. In the sixties, they were bought and demolished to make way for office space. Apart from one. Harriet Sylvester – who lived in the middle – refused to move out of her home.

An immersive exhibition created around the exact space where her house once stood, HOME presents fascinating, heart-breaking and uplifting stories of ordinary people. Museum of Ordinary People and Mnemoscene have collaborated with members of the public to explore how their collections of everyday objects, photos and documents can be curated to represent our emotional connection with the home and showcase untold narratives that chronicle real people’s lives.
In partnership with Brighton Festival 2021.

This exhibition will be online from 1 May, visit harriets.house and experience the exhibition virtually. From 20 May – 6 June, this exhibition will be open Thursday – Sunday, 13.00 – 17.00.


The Museum of Ordinary People celebrate the ripples that ordinary people leave behind, finding the magic in the mundane.
– We tease out the social value of everyday objects, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
– We are responsible for creating culture as well as reflecting it.
– We are adaptable and alive.
– We cut through social barriers and create a kind, safe space for exploring difficult emotions, experiences and memories.
– We create connection, belonging and empathy – museums should make people feel.
– We facilitate and enable, for the public benefit, using creative practice to heal.
– We re-use materials, giving new life to old things, and nurture collaboration to end waste.
– We are a conscious opposition to the established practice of museums that privilege the elite.
– MOOP is a conversation.



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