H_A_R_D_P_A_P_E_R is the third in a series of exhibitions at Phoenix Art Space that highlight work by contemporary abstract painters. This iteration focusses on works on paper, from preparatory studies to finished paintings, acknowledging the different qualities of surface that can influence mark making. For this exhibition artists from the previous two have been asked to select a piece of their own work, and invite another artist to be involved.

H_A_R_D_P_A_P_E_R does not dictate an aesthetic. Nor does it imply a preference for one process over another. Rather it concerns itself with the elusive and critical nature of contemporary non-objective painting today; the complexities, the overlooked simplicities and the ‘wonder’ it can engender.

Join us for an exhibition exploring space, colour, line and edge.

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Featuring Mohammad Ali Talpur, Richard Bell, Biggs and Collings, Helen G Blake, Katrina Blannin, Isabelle Borges, Ian Boutell, John Bunker, Matthew Burrows, Belinda Cadbury, John Carter, Cedric Christie, Nina Chua, Philip Cole, Deb Covell, Gina Cross, Matt Dennis, EC, Henrik Eiben, Stig Evans, Catherine Ferguson, Martina Geccelli, Della Gooden, Richard Graville, Dom Gray, Charlotte Winifred Guerard, Alexis Harding, Jane Harris, Rupert Hartley, Pete Hoida, Zarah Hussain, Ditty Ketting, Roman Lang, Jo McGonigal, Matthew Meadows, Johanna Melvin, Mali Morris, Morrissey and Hancock, Jost Münster, James William Murray, Patrick O’Donnell, Tim Renshaw, Giulia Ricci, Carol Robertson, Sonia Stanyard, Daniel Sturgis, Trevor Sutton, G R Thomson, David Webb, Lars Wolter, Eleanor Wood, Mary Yacoob and Jessie Yates. Co-curated by Ian Boutell, Philip Cole, Stig Evans and Patrick O’Donnell.


Family Workshop: Pop Up! with Daniel Locke
Saturday 16 March, 11am – 1pm
Join artist Daniel Locke in a workshop that explores the dynamic possibilities of paper and paper engineering.
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