An exhibition in two parts featuring work by:

Part 1: Richard Bell, Katrina Blannin, John Carter, Catherine Ferguson, Della Gooden, Richard Graville, Morrissey & Hancock, Tess Jaray, Jo McGonigal, Lars Wolter and Jessie Yates

Part 2: Rana Begum, Ian Boutell, Philip Cole, Biggs & Collings, Deb Covell, Stig Evans, Jane Harris, Mali Morris, Jost Münster, Patrick O’Donnell, Carol Robertson and Daniel Sturgis

The title of this Painting exhibition does not dictate an aesthetic and it does not mean to imply a preference for one process or system of making work over another. It instead concerns itself with the elusive and critical nature of Contemporary Painting today; the complexities, the overlooked simplicities and the ‘wonder’ it can engender.

The curators of H_A_R_D_P_A_I_N_T_I_N_G_x2 adopted the above paragraph to acknowledge the range and significance of materials, systems and processes that Contemporary Painting embraces today. The development of this exhibition draws on the legacy of the first H_A_R_D_P_A_I_N_T_I_N_G show held at Phoenix Art Space in 2018 curated by Phoenix artists Ian Boutell, Philip Cole, Stig Evans and Patrick O’Donnell. This same curatorial team is now joined by London based artist/curator Della Gooden.

The exhibition will run for a total period of 6 weeks and will be presented in two parts.

Workshops, events and a symposium will continue throughout, and a full colour catalogue will be available for purchase.


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