Hermione Allsopp typically makes sculptural work by collecting objects and furniture and re-creating them into new forms or compositions. These items, which have been discarded in charity shops, become her materials. Not inert ones, but ones that carry collective memories and meanings. As sculpture, they begin to exist as something else, raising questions over value of rejected objects, the materiality of memory related to interior space and the junk economy.

Poppy Whatmore subverts and deconstructs the conventional uses of everyday objects. These objects include tables, flat pack furniture, applying DIY materials which are manipulated and reconfigured in dialogue with reconstructions highlighting and examining mundane elements of the commonplace. The process intends to re-appropriate conventional forms into alternative arrangements, offering new codes and language, in particular in relation to modernist tropes.

This exhibition will be open from 4 – 27 September. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 11.00 – 15.00.  Viewing by appointment through Eventbrite here, Instagram DM (@aproposdodo), or email dodoinformation@yahoo.com


Gallery DODO is an artist-led exhibition space situated on the south stairway inside of Phoenix Art Space. Visitors must pre-book a free, timed slot in advance of their visit.

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