Road Series by Emily Jolley, explorations into ignored landscapes.

Working primarily in watercolour and sometimes acrylic,  the Road series is an examination of the dramatic and ephemeral that we rarely consider, that we screen out of our lives. They are glimpsed moments in long journeys, often on motorways, caught for her by her son on his mobile phone whilst she drove him to kayaking competitions. These capture the feel and rhythm of the traffic, the changing shapes and colours, the headlights, brake-lights, the punctuation of overpasses, junctions and traffic signs, these moments all with their unique weather and light.

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“I spent lots of time in 2018 and ’19 away from my studio, driving my son to competitions, often consumed with feelings of frustration from time spent stuck in traffic on the M25, or queuing for the Dartford bridge crossing. The Road series began when I started looking at busy roads through the eyes of a landscape artist, observing reflective tarmac in rain and sun, spray on the windscreen, flashes of colour from car lights, geometric shapes of cars and road signs. In the Road series I want to explore the ignored, road- and near- road landscapes that we wouldn’t walk in or want to stop in”.
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