As part of the Collective Conversations Residency, Duncan Poulton & Nick Smith present a screening of their project Y2K.

Y2K is an ongoing collaborative project by British artists Duncan Poulton & Nick Smith. Drawing on each of the artists’ respective archives, Y2K presents a screening of selected materials that includes home video recordings, news clips, TV Ads, self-help books, and early internet ephemera. This material has been remixed and collaged by the artists to form a new audiovisual work that explores the artists’ shared interest in the ‘millennium’ as a significant cultural landmark and turning point – one that marked simultaneously the beginning, and the end, ‘of the future’.

Following the screening, the artists will be in conversation with writer and curator Natalie D Kane.

Wednesday 16 August, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
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About Duncan Poulton & Nick Smith

Since meeting in London in 2018, Duncan Poulton and Nick Smith have been engaged in ongoing conversations about moving image, photography and the found image. As independent practitioners their areas of interest span anxiety, class, the internet, digital and video collage and the archive; themes which often combine and conflate in their collaboration. For their Collective Conversations residency at Phoenix Art Space, they will be convening a larger group of artists to consider ‘The Archive’ in a multitude of forms from online amateur photography, oral histories, DIY publication and reuse of surplus found real and virtual materials.
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About Natalie D Kane
Natalie D Kane is a curator, writer and researcher based in London. They are Curator of Digital Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum, within the Design, Architecture and Digital Department. Natalie is a co-curator of Haunted Machines (with Tobias Revell), a curatorial research project that looks at stories of myth, magic and monsters in technology and more recently, the automated production and dissemination of images. They curate events, festivals and panels, make scrycasts and workshops, and give talks.