The Draw to Perform Festival for performative drawing and painting. Taking place on 9th – 10th and 16th – 17th July at Phoenix Art Space.

Participating artists: Graham Dean (UK), Lola and Yukao Meet (FR), Joseph Wilk (UK), Elizabeth Tomos (UK), Christine Coste & Catherine Ursin (FR), Neil Curtis (AU), Anji Main (UK), Nic Sandiland (UK), Nick Sayers (UK), Ram Samocha (Israel/UK).

Draw to Perform is looking forward to the sixth international festival for performative drawing and painting. This cross-disciplinary project is curated by the Draw to Perform director Ram Samocha at Phoenix Art Space. The festival will run over two weekends and will include four dedicated workshops and ten live performances by inspiring and creative local and international artists. All performances will also be available to watch online via live streaming.

This time the festival will be dedicated to exploring the transition from drawing to painting live and from two to three dimensions. It will explore the connection between drawing and performance art and the relevance of drawing as a modern art medium. The festival will focus on the various options of sharing the process of creating art live while drawing and painting with audience. Disabled and non-disabled artists, dancers and musicians, young and elder participants will take part in ten dedicated live performances and four workshops. For more information about Draw to Perform, click here.

Below is information about what is taking place on Day 4 of the festival. All events take place in the Main Gallery. Click here to book after-hours performances. Click here to book workshops.


Video Installation by Nic Sandiland

Workshop with Ram Samocha
11:00 – 13:00, book here

Workshop with Christine Coste & Catherine Ursin
14:00 – 16:00, book here

Performance by Ram Samocha
17:30 – 18:30, book here

Performance by Christine Coste & Catherine Ursin
19:00 – 20:00, book here
– Please note this performance includes some nudity.