Crafting Eulogies Workshop with Kevanté ac Cash



As part of the exhibition Are You A Woman in Authority? Broken Grey Wires present a series of workshops and events exploring themes of empowerment, gender, and community.

As death is unavoidable, so is talking about it. What would happen if we decided to embrace the unavoidable through our writing?

Join me for an unconventional creative writing workshop where we will craft our eulogies; yes — our *own* eulogies, from start to imagined finish! In this session, we will discuss themes of identity, feminism, mental (ill) health and queer culture within our writing by naming:
– Who we were
– How we loved
– What we stood for
– What we struggled with
– What we achieved or had hoped to
– What lit us up/set our hearts ablaze

Through preparing our own eulogies, it is hoped that we set reflective eyes on the lives we currently lead, celebrating the wins — big or small, embracing the parts of ourselves we like and/or dislike, and speaking into existence, accomplishing the things we desire for our bright, big futures. What good is it anyway trying to avoid the inevitable? Let’s write the meaning of life now!

This workshop will be hosted on Zoom, and attendees will be emailed a link to join in advance of the event. Click here to book your free place