The series of photographs exhibited here stem from being asked to participate in an APEC Studios exhibition in 2015 entitled Fidget. A photograph was made to relate to the word fidget. Having enjoyed both the process and the result, he wanted to repeat the approach with a similarly self-inflicted exercise.

Consequently, the artist decided to randomly select twenty-five words and used those words as subjects for a series of photographs.

As with his Morning Tunes paintings, his training as a graphic designer has influenced his approach to creating each photograph or canvas. As a graphic designer he would be asked to produce work which would involve research and understanding of diverse subjects, and each would require an appropriate response — with little or nothing to do with his other design work.

Starting with a given word, a period of cogitation might produce the impetus to create a new piece of photographic work in response to that word. Other times, the pondering would suggest a previously made photograph which would correspond to the given word.

The captions include the source of the selected word (the sentence and the publication) and a brief commentary.

Join us for the exhibition opening on Friday 12 January, 6pm – 8pm. Free entry, everyone welcome.
To visit the exhibition, enter via Café at the south entrance.

About Bernard G Mills 
Bernard studied photography and graphic design in the sixties, taught film animation, worked as an in-house and self-employed graphic designer, taught art and design (full-time) for twenty years and on leaving teaching, became a practicing artist in his own right in 2006. His practice has involved numerous photographic subjects (Extra Ordinary Objects, The Vertical View, Trees and Manufactured Objects, The Vertical Plane, In Galleries, Fire Guards etc.) as well as documentation of events and exhibitions and is currently completing the one-hundred and eighty paintings of his series Morning Tunes. Since 2013, he has a studio in Phoenix Art Space.