Project Space

Berlin, Paris, London Road



An exhibition of the work of three local artists:

George Coles, Photography
Sabine Schropel, Sculpture
Michael Gale, Painting, Collage

George Coles, who happened to be in Berlin on the night of the 9th November 1989 captured images of people with sledge hammers as well as other occurring events. Some of these photographs, as well as his images of life in Brighton will be shown at Phoenix Art Space.
“The surreal world of monochrome lives side by side in a parallel universe to that of the real world of colour, and just as Alice slipped through a mirror into another existence I use a roll of black and white film. Now for over fifty years of living here, I realise that Brighton is my own Looking Glass world and becomes ever more curious and curiouser.”

Sabine Schropel says of her work- “On my occasional expeditions into the dimensions and worlds of Absurdistan, Obscurdistan and Youtopistan, I have gathered a few samples of the local ‘new technology’ ; medical aids and other objects relating to fields of development. I am delighted to share this collection with you here at the Phoenix.”

Michael’s paintings and reliefs are inspired by the landscape, both rural and urban – “I use found objects, collage & my own photographs and writing as a starting point onto which I add paint to build up an image”.

A recent piece, ‘ I’ve just one word for you..’ takes the narrative of a seminal 1960’s film as a starting point and explores issues of memory and passing time through writing and collage using tiny fragments of found plastic objects collected from beaches.

Performance in the Project Space on Saturday 25 June, 12.00 – 13.00. ‘Knick Knacks on Fire’ Acoustic Improvised Music Set.

The galleries at Phoenix Art Space are open Wednesday – Sunday, 11.00 – 17.00 during exhibition dates.

  • You do not need to book in advance of your visit. Entry is free.
  • Mask wearing is optional, please be considerate of those who choose to wear one.
  • Our cleaners clean high-contact areas regularly.
  • Sanitizer is available throughout the building.
  • Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell.
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