Becky Blair is a painter who aspires to create imagery that has strength, but is equally fleeting and momentary.  After recovering from a period of debilitating chronic illness she has changed her approach to her work, paring back her compositions and re-exploring her methods of applying paint. This work presents an exploration that speaks of joy, using colour, texture and composition to render physical aspects of life that are intangible.

This past year has seen her work with a local potter Rachel Mary Entwistle and Australian fashion house Gorman, taking her vibrant style in to handmade homeware and beautiful garments. You may have seen her collaboration in 2018 with Habitat, when they relaunched the Brighton flagship store. The Habitat design team transformed her pastel drawing into a giant hand tufted and carved wool rug.

Working out of her studio at Phoenix Art Space, Becky creates work for galleries throughout the UK and art fairs in London and Europe; she has had seven sell out solo shows over the past 10 years with galleries in Australia as well as being Becky commissioned by private collectors worldwide.

From 31 July – 29 August, the Window Gallery will be open. Visitors must enter via Canvas Coffee Co. during their opening hours; Mon – Fri: 9 – 3 | Weekends: 11 – 5.

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