As part of PRESS + PLAY  Festival of Print we are pleased to announce a talk with artist Letizia Lopreiato.

Her talk will be focused on sharing how a printmaking process she has been experimenting with over the past three years, is allowing her to create and promote social inclusion through a touch based, rather than only a sight based, experience of her visual poetry participative installations. This way by opening the conversation about accessibility and agency representation within the image making creative process.

This artist talk and the material which Letizia Lopreiato will encourage the audience to interact with during the event, stem the first chapter of her “The Timelapse – From Sight to Touch”, four year autobiographical documentary (2018-2022).

This body of work explores the theme of loss, vulnerability and resilience
in her life, by holding space for empathy, in order to create her own ecology of care, through Letizia Lopreiato’s visual poetry art practice, which she has chosen to devote to the promotion of social inclusion in the Visual Arts, through the creation of a series of participative installations.

Please see here the website page she created for her multilingual socially inclusive audio-visual experience of this project’s first chapter.