Willow Round Basket

Sarah Gardner

By taking part in this course you will learn how to weave with willow and create your own traditional round basket. Round basketry is the basis of most classic baskets. There are a variety of baskets that can be made using the round base, such as a bread basket, shopping and waste paper basket. A handle can be added on to the shopper.

The tutor will teach you different weaving techniques such as pairing, wailing and randing. You will learn how to weave a base, upset the sides, make a border and handle. We will have a variety of willow to choose from. This choice will allow colour changes in the weave which can highlight textures and weaving techniques such as the three rod wail and English and French randing. The border is also a place where the whole basket is framed and finished.

At the end of the course you will have your own unique willow round basket to take home with you.

Learning a craft can be an immensely satisfying experience. Weaving can be immersive and take you to a creative zone. Learn and enjoy the experiences of this ancient craft.

This course is for students who have some experience with basketry or for people who are particularly practical.

Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

All basketry materials and tools will be provided. Please bring a notebook and pen.

Sarah Gardner trained as textile designer, this sparked her interest in constructed textiles and led to her practicing basketry for the past 7 Years. She is interested in growing and foraging natural materials for making but also has a make-do-and-mend approach and is always on the look-out for man-made materials that can be adapted or useful in basket-making. This requires a lot of testing to work out the qualities of the materials and their suitability for different weaving techniques. As an advocate for the crafts Sarah also helps run a small leather accessories company and teaches and practices basketry in Brighton.

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